Spinal Care Day. Yoga – Pilates – Spinal care couple massage course

Egy nap a gerinc jegyében

9.00- 10.00  First introduction of Transformational Hatha yoga in Budapest.

Transformational yoga is an integral approach to physical health, emotional balance, and mental and spiritual clarity founded by Sri Swami Vidyanand,

Transformational Yoga gives you the tools you need in order to make a difference in your everyday life. In depth focus of asanas, the chakras, mantras, and breathing and meditation techniques gives you the knowledge you need to purify your body, stabilize your emotions, focus your mind, and increase your spiritual well being.

Transformational Yoga goes far beyond just physical exercise. While offering into account physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health. It functions on a deeper level to stimulate kundalini energy to move up through the chakras, purifying and awakening the pure body.

It synthesise techniques a variety of yogic systems to bring about rapid transformation. Transformational Yoga aims to awaken all five bodies and seven chakras in order to experience a continuous state of physical heath and stamina, emotional balance, higher mental guidance, unconditional love and faith, and spiritual bliss consciousness.

Transformational Hatha Yoga Bp_en

10.00- 12:30  Pilates (Theoretical part)
History of Pilates, Pilates Principles and Supplement, Clinical posture, spine and its problems
Effects of exercises on musculature,
Clinical posture, spine and its problems.
Effects of exercises on musculature, spine, spinal cord blood, nervous system, circulation, abdominal muscles, effects of breathing exercises

Pilates Exercise 
Pre-Pilates, foot position, head-to-neck support, axial extension, breathing, neutral curve, activation of basal muscles, balance concept) 30 min

Spinal terapy Pilates (60 minutes)

PilatesWhat is Pilates? How does this method differ from the rest?How can it be used for therapeutic purposes?Come and explore the effects of exercise on the human body and experience th



Spinal care workshop-3

CMA spine care partner massage stretches the whole body, helps with flexibility, resolves energy blockages, and helps to relax and create peace-of-mind.

According to international statistics, 96% of the population, including children, has spinal disorders.

Signs and consequences of spine disorders

  • pain anywhere in the back, leg, ankle, knee or hip pain
  • stabbing pain, or numbing in the spine or neck
  • headache and dizziness
  • If the disorder is not treated for a long period of time, it can cause:
    • Disorders of joints, spondylosis
    • Herniated discs
    • Chronic muscles aches
    • Migraine headaches

If you, your children, spouse or relatives, experience any of these symptoms, then come and learn about CMA’s couple’s massage for maintaining spinal health. This does not require formal massage therapy training for you to be able to help your family safely and easily in the comfort of your home.

This is useful for practitioners and trainers too.

It is helpful for overall well-being, stamina, stress relief, improved posture, neck, upper and lower back stiffness.

Learn to save and care for your loved ones’ spine with your own hands.

Yoga by our spanish guest, Roberto Brown, Director of Transformational Hatha Yoga Alliance Thailand.

Pilates by Gabriella Tímár, pilates teacher.

Spinal care couple massage by Monika Karsai, Selfness consultant, Holistic and Traditional Healer, Master of alternative and eastern healing, Traditional thai massage therapist and instructor

Location:  Aum yoga center, Siva room. 1085 Budapest, Stáhly u. 13.


Time of the event: 2017.12.09. 09:00-17:00.
You can come separately to our programs:
Yoga session: 1500 Ft /60 minutes
Pilates: 6000 Ft / 2.5 hour
Spinal care massage course fee: 12 000Ft (the price includes the course fee, the notes about the spine, an illustrated guide of the massage steps)
Price for full day: 17 500 Ft
Early Bird discount! Join to us now! You can apply for an advance payment of 50%.

More informations: Monika Karsai: +36 20 4865757, chimassageacademy@gmail.com

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