Yoga Around Budapest 2. Yoga FOR BACK PAIN

Yoga Around Budapest 2

Yoga Around Budapest 2. Akvárium, Erzsébet Square, Budapest, Hungary

How I see yoga sequences as a Thai massage therapist and teacher based on my 20 years of healing experience.

Monika Karsai

The strain from sitting at a desk, driving a car, or constantly looking down at your cell phone can cause upper back pain. Yoga helps increase strength in very specific muscles and muscle groups.

These classic yoga poses are used to release tension in the lower back, relieve back pain and streighten the core muscles.

Happy Baby Pose

When you do the happy baby pose regularly it relieves lower back pain, stretches and soothes the spine, calms the mind, helps relieve stress and fatigue. 

Child’s Pose 

Do this pose for 5 minutes a day at least. It’s super calming for the mind, it’s great for your digestion, it elongates the lower back and opens the hips. 

Seated Side Twist  

This stretch relieves symptoms of backache, fatigue, menstrual discomfort and sciatica. It tones and strengthens abs and obliques, stretches and energizes the spine. It opens the shoulders, neck and hips, increases flexibility, especially in the hips and spine.  

Seated Side Bend

Opens the hips and torso. Brings balance to your entire body. Lengthens the abdominal muscles, hips, and thigh muscles, while improving flexibility in the spine. Side bends also stretch the muscles between the ribs.

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