My name is Mónika Karsai, founder of Chi Massage Academy. I am a teacher and consultant of Thai massage and natural therapies, master of Far-Eastern and alternative medicine, assistant of complementary medicine, a traditional healer, Selfness and health development therapist.

CMA has the objective and duty to alleviate the suffering of as many people as possible, and help them find the path to physical, spiritual and mental harmony.

My personal mission is to build and strengthen the bridge between Far-Eastern methods and Massage Therapies (underlying causes) and Western medicine (symptoms). Sharing my experiences with an international audience is an exciting challenge.

All those looking for healing, learning and advice are welcome.

The CMA training

Is unique in its category: a closed online database system allows students to keep in touch with each other and their master after the courses are finished. After completing data sheets (therapy cards) in the database and the closed CMA network, members gain access to additional resources and receive answers to urgent questions.

The language of workshops and master courses establish a connection between Far-Eastern and Western systems. This provides a solid base guaranteeing the efficient, fast and safe transmission and reception of CMA’s unique spirit and style.

We hope to have piqued your interest and look forward to seeing you in one of our upcoming courses!


We would like to help the people to get to know more about themselves to prevent the diseases and find the natural way to heal themselves with Holistic Natural Healing Methods. 

We collected all the informations at the theoretical part as anatomy, physiological aspects, disorders and illnesses of the different anatomy systems, causes of health problems, medical examination methods.

We help to make Lifestyle changes for prevention and rehabilitation.

We are giving the practical part as Transformational Hatha Yoga and Chi body and foot massage techniques (based on the safe Thai massage), different meditations to help to get over the disorders and maintain the body functions at home.

We do professional workshops for yoga teachers and personalized yoga sessions for people with disorders.

We organize special retreats in Europe and Thailand. 

We offer personalized Holistic Healing Coaching also to find the best therapies to our patients like Stress Relief Techniques,  Ayurveda, Nutrition, Detoxification, Immune System Enhancement, Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Aromatherapy, etc.



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