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Chi Massage Academy – based on safe thai massage technics

CMA is a multi-level teaching system for adults covering anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, clinical studies, the basics of Chinese, Indian and Thai medicine, health psychology, communication, reflexology, Thai feet massage and multi-level Thai body massage. The training involves theory and practice in equal measure. Mindful of environmental concerns, students will receive learning materials in a downloadable format.

The language of workshops and master courses establish a connection between Far-Eastern and Western systems. This provides a solid base guaranteeing the efficient, fast and safe transmission and reception of Chi Massage’s unique spirit and style.

  • Spinal care couple massage workshop

  • Basic Body Massage course

  • Foot massage course

  • Head and back and shoulder massage

  • Advanced Body Massage course

  • Professional workshops for different illnesses

The thai body massage by Monika Karsai 2003 Koh Phangan, Thailand

General Traditional Thai Massage (30 hrs)

Traditional Thai massage is basically different from methods developed and used in Europe. It is based on the self-curing strength of the body, it means a complex method that enhances the harmony of body, soul and spirit. According to the Eastern medical traditions, the prerequisite of health is the unhindered flow of life energy (chi) in the body’s energy channels. Thai massage concentrates on 10 main energy lines (channels) that are called sen. Its basic goal is to create harmony in the human body, release energy blocks and supply shortages of the energy lines.

Thai massage is a so-called dry massage since no oils and creams are used. During the treatment the guest wears light clothes made of cotton. The procedure, applied on the whole body, has a special choreography. During the massage, which takes 1,5-2 hours, the masseur (unlike in European massages) is not only working with hands but also using forearms, legs, knees, elbows and feet to stimulate physiological acupuncture points on the energy lines. The massage also includes different stretching and bending exercises. The use of kyropractic elements makes it unique. Massage on the given points of the body helps total relaxation; accelerated blood circulation improves the body’s oxygen supply, making the body lax, calm and refreshed, which results in a good general feeling.

Regular massage proved to be a good therapy for different locomotor disorders, nervous, lymphatic, digestive, gynaecological and respiratory diseases. However it can be applied for the treatment of insomnia, stress, headache and migraine. Treatments lead to proper energy flow inside the patient, which improves the balanced work of the body, detox and recovery. Stimulation of reflex points reveals hidden diseases.

Join the hand-on Thai massage class that is worldwide acknowledged as the Wat Po massage style, but tailored to the western human body. Starting from basic to a practical skill, students are trained to do massage for relaxation, relieving muscular fatique and pain, reducing tension and headache, and regaining muscular and joints mobility.

Healing thai foot massage by Monika Karsai

Foot Massage (30 hrs)

Foot massage, an ancient Chinese therapeutic technique, has been used successfully for more than 3000 years in Asia. It cures and prevents numerous diseases e.g. headache, stress, exhaustion, asthma, constipation, sinusitis and migraine.The sensory nerves of internal organs run across the whole body, many of them being in contact with other organs, just like the skin. Almost all sensory nerves have their roots in the sole. Foot massage stimulates the activity of internal organs, creates balance in blood and lymphatic circulation, improves physical condition and endurance. Furthermore it enhances immunity, detoxicates, rejuvenates and helps the patient living a longer life.

The masseur works with hands, fingers, a special stick made of wood, creams and oils.Sole is the map of the body. If a part of the body or an organ is sick, its circulation gets inadequate, then the relevant point on the sole becomes particularly sensitive for pressing. If this point is massaged, circulation in the region of the body, that is in contact with this point, improves. Often small lumps can be felt (uric acid and other excreta), which tend to crack when massaged and patients feel it as a stabbing pain. Foot massage is a particularly efficient therapy for the functional disorders of internal organs as a self-curing method. Lymphatic system transports the end-products of metabolism from the tissues.

These particles may be too large to return to circulation and may not further decompose in the tissues either. In case of a healthy body, the flow of life energy is unhindered in the meridians. Loose living, emotional stress, weakness or an injury can disturb this flow. Massage can make stuck energy flow again and improves the defensive strength of the body. Massage and its psychological impact can make patients free from anxiety and stress. It teaches patients to feel where the energy flow is blocked. It releases energies changing posture and facial expression. It can also provide help for spiritual imbalance. Achievable results: it enhances the activities of the body, improves blood circulation, helps decompose toxic substances. Advantages: widespread use; mitigates and cures problems caused by chronic diseases, efficient for all age groups, no side-effects.

Study foot massage method that integrates the knowledge of chinese reflexology points based on the most relaxable WatPo massage technique. Thai massage practically starts at the sole, especially at the left to stimulate the wind element and balance all of four elements in human body (earth, water, wind and fire).

Head and neck acupressure massage (12 hrs)

In today’s accelerated world almost everyone suffers from stress, which can frequently cause tiredness, stiffness in the neck, headache and insomnia. Regular head massage improves blood supply in the scalp and neck muscles, thus mitigating stiffness in the neck and improving posture.

It releases energy blocks in the body, aiding relaxation. It also aids breathing, which improves the brain’s oxygen supply, resulting in better concentration and memory. This is the ideal means to compensate for the problems of our modern life.

Thai herbal steam massage (General thai massage course is prerequisite)

In Thailand herbs are part of everyday life. Parts of the body are given a basic massage with a steamed herbal bag (these are pressed on acupuncture points located on energy channels). Warm steam and herbal oils stimulate blood circulation. Herbs increase the efficiency of the treatment.

It has a good impact on stiff joints, injured muscles, back and shoulder pains, migraine, chronic pains, internal organs, dermatological problems and stress. In the case of individual treatments, not only traditional Thai herbal bags are applied, but specifically but specifically formulated herbal mixtures can also be used according to the guest’s needs.


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