Yoga Trainings

200 Hours Transformational Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

Koh Phangan, Thailand. 5 February – 3 March 2018.

Koh Phangan, Thailand


Hello our dear future Yogis & Yogini!

First of all we would like to thank you, for your interest. We trust, you select our TTC for your future development as a Yoga Teacher or even for your own personal life development.

Yoga, is a life changer and once you choose its path, you will surely feel how much it will help you on your personal life development, Ioga Academy, as a part of Holistic Healings Academy is a dynamic, creative and non-dogmatic Yoga & Facilitation school. Our core message is play, learn, enjoy, learning by doing with a total experiential learning approach. We believe that through movement and action, we learn faster, yoga, games, adventure & nature are our main partners and through them, we want to offer you a powerful transformational tool, to change and be your true self. We are born with a blueprint, and a mission to follow, sometimes in this beautiful and challenging path of life we may lose this blueprint, education, family, society hold us into a cake cup, suddenly we feel, we need to burst out of the cup, and express our true inner self.

We bring the best fusion of different Yoga styles, Hatha Yoga & Transformational Yoga, from a very Holistic approach, challenging and fun. We like networking, and involving other  yoga and movement teachers in our TTC, we want to add as much value as possible to your TTC, our philosophy in this project is to create a wonderful space for all of us  to evolve and discover.

Our style is simple and straightforward, we focus in Yoga, and bring what we think is important to learn in a 200 hours TTC. It’s important to focus, and understand the deeper layers of yoga, this can only be experienced by you, with your practice and it takes certain steps and as we understand it, the first step is to learn and experience the asanas.

Ioga, collaborates with Holistic Healings Academy and Chi Massage Academy, so we merge in our TTC a very important part of the Thai culture, related to healing and Yoga, so during the TTC we will learn how Thai massage, Thai Yoga and Hatha Yoga, relate as very close cousins, this will give us a very solid understanding of the healing process of yoga.

The practice of Yoga brings changes in life, is not only about asana or postures, this is just the beginning, there is also a great component of the physical training discipline, that you can use and merge in your life as a sport practitioner. Yoga is about life, how we life our life’s, how we nurture ourselves and how we relate to others and our mother earth.

As Yoga teachers, you will learn, how to teach and gain confidence, to do so, we will organize some practical classes during the TTC with real clients, wich will then give you feedback, and between all us grow our learning curve.

At the end of the TTC you will be certified by  the INTERNATIONAL YOGA ALLIANCE OF INDIA we are the only organization, of this quind to be recognized by the Indian government. Our certificate allows you to teach, in any country around the world. You can also complement this certification with other Yoga Alliance organizations if you wish.

You are coming to one of the best places, in the world to learn Yoga, Koh Phangan, our beautiful island, with a very special energy. So take your time, slow your pace, breath and   enjoy the island, you have travelled a long way, and you deserve the greatest possible experience, and we want to help you in this process. We will help you to hold your space, and surely be there, for whatever you may need.

Thailand is an amazing country, there’s always a smile a true hospitality, life in the islands is simple and joyful. We welcome you, and are wishing to meet you personally, and from this moment we are fully present, to give you the best we have in our souls, so that you have the best learning and transformational experience possible.

Come and join us we are happy to well come you!


Pyramid Yoga Center – Koh Phangan Island, Thailand





  • 200-hour yoga teacher training course with certificate upon completion, by the Yoga Alliance International of Thailand and India.
  • Complete Dossier from the TTC.
  • Sound Healing Therapy.
  • Sound Temple, for singing or playing music, when there are no special events.
  • 26 nights’ accommodation, in a shared two person bungalow or in single bungalow with sea view.
  • 3 full meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • Free drinking wáter.

Not included:

  • Transfers from airport, or piers, to resort.
  • Other kind of drinks or food different that offered on the TTC.
  • Flight tickets.
  • Transport in the island.

Highlights of our TTC:

  • Join us on our 200h Yoga Teacher training, in our intimate space of Pyramid Yoga Center, one of the first Yoga centers to open in Koh Phangan in 2002. Our TTC is focused on the pure practice, learning, and understanding of the asanas. We understand that the good practice of asanas is the main base of a good yoga teacher, to bring into harmony and concordance body, mind, spirit.
  • Only 15 students, personalized attention.
  • Daily Yoga Classes.
  • All Inclusive, small class sizes for a very personal experience (maximum 10 students).
  • Daily healthy meals (organic vegan buffet).
  • Yoga Alliance International of India certificate upon completion.
  • All on the beautiful tropical island of Koh Phangan.
  • With the beautiful surrounding of Casa Shambala we will immerse in learning and practice asanas, alignment, philosophy, good health practices.
  • 26 nights accommodation.

Main purpose:

The aim of IOGA ACADEMY,  for our TTC´s, is helping you to become a confident and good Hatha yoga teacher. The program is designed and sequenced starting from learning and practicing the asanas. You need to make a trip through your body and discover the sequence of movements and alignments. Breath, is the key to a good practice of  YOGA, no breathing no YOGA, whether you practice Yoga in a more athletic way or a more meditative style, breath will always be the vehicle to travel, to your inner understanding of the subtle energies, within you and around you. Movement amplifies the further away than the limits of our body, just imagine that when you do Yoga you become a powerful antenna, which creates positive energies towards earth, people, and cosmic world.

Yoga is about understanding, so that is why IOGA ACADEMY wants to keep our TTC focused and simple so that you really learn and experience. We don’t want to blunt you, with a heavy programme full of amazing subjects, because the reality is that you need to truly focus on what is important, and you only have 27 days. Off course we are in for adventure and playful activities, this is why during our free time we offer with different adventure companies of the island experiences such as, Paddle surf, Diving, Free Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Trekking, Cycling, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing.

One of the highlights of our program is learning how to teach, for us teaching is more about Facilitating, so we call ourselves Yoga Facilitators, because we believe that, learning is about connecting with your wise man/women and bringing out the best in you. How we connect to others and create empathy is the key opener to engage a group into experiencing a learning process. We bring some icebreakers games, which you can use, to connect quicker and faster to any group, whether they are, adults or children. Gaining confidence, as a Yoga Facilitator is just bee yourself be authentic, connecting from heart to heart. Experience and finding your own teaching style, comes with practice, more than being perfect in the teaching is about being caring, listening and observing.

The educational timeline of our program during the next 27 days will flow into a very creative program were we invite you to be a very active participant, we will go in and out different scenarios, investigating and learning the nearly 100 asanas, to debating and learning about the most, important aspects of Yoga, always taking yoga to the practical aspect, that will help you for your teachings.

For the first two weeks especially, you will focused on the practical teaching and alignment, learning around 100 Hatha yoga postures. We will repeat sequences and go through all the asanas in a very comprehensible way, wich for sure you won’t forget.  During this time we will also go through,  different pranayama breathings and the main Bandhas.There are 80 hours of yoga practice, two practices a day, of two hours each from Monday to Friday, and one practice on Saturday mornings.

For The next last 2 weeks, once we have learned the different asanas we will then enter the therapeutic application of yoga, Thai massage, Thai yoga and Hatha yoga belong to the same family and are deeply related, we will use the Thai massage or assisted yoga , as I called it to understand, how the asanas work from an energetical point of view, how are they related to the chakras, to the energetical body (energy lines, marma points).

The philosophy teachings of Yoga will be, debate talks were we will bring the ancient but at the same time actual knowledge into our own life experiences so we can inspire ourselves. On our theory talks, you will learn about Vedanta.  “Vedanta” is a combination of two words: “Veda,” which means “knowledge,” and “anta,” which means “the end of” or “the goal of.” In this context, the goal of knowledge isn’t intellectual, the limited knowledge you acquire by reading books. “Knowledge” here means the knowledge of God as well as the knowledge of the own divine nature. Vedanta, then, is the search for self-knowledge as well as the search for God.

Yoga philosophy, It’s a kind of self-guided book, where you will find a whole range of ethical ways of life. Like (Yamas), lifestyle observances (Niyamas), postures (asanas), breath control (pranayama), withdrawal of the senses (pratyahara), concentration (Dharana), meditation (dhyana), and absorption into the divine (samadhi).

For the anatomy and alignment we will use different sources  like the videos of Paul Grilley or the anatomy book of  Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews. Anatomy as you may imagine is a very profound and knowledgeable subject.

We will go over the Clinical Aspects and the Functional Holistic Anatomy in a very special, practical way, from the hand of Monika Karsai. She will share her 20 years experience of treating patients from spinal injuries to paralyzed, coma patients and many other different diseases. Her teachings based on practical experiences in recreation and rehabilitation to avoid any damage of the muscular tissues by overtraining or over stretching as many times happened with the yoga teachers. As Yoga teachers we need to observe our participants, To make them to understand their bodies, and especially know and what is safe for them. If they have any special muscular, joints, ligaments or spinal injuries that may affect their practice. She is a Holistic Healer, teacher of Thai massage and Natural Healing Methods in Adult trainings in university level since 2001 in Hungary and other countries. It’s important to know, how the body works with the movements in relation with the energy lines and the chakras. Thai Massage is known as “the lazy peoples yoga” and was developed from the ancient yoga for the royal family. The two methods merge together in a perfect alligment and helps to overcome the blockages of the body-mind-spirit.  Monika will introduce us to her stretching technics developed after many years of experiences. Chi massage is based on her safe healing Thai massage methods. It’s an unique way to improve the flexibility and mobility for our students and to learn from the start a safe way of practice.

Of the total of the 200h of the TTC, 40 hours will be dedicated for you to practice,  teaching and have a first-hand experience and feedback on how is your teaching style and especially picking up confidence.

This will be our general curriculum for the TTC and our guide line, we are open and flexible to time proposals regarding themes that you maybe interested in or that you may find interesting to go deeper.

Program resume by subjects:

  • General History about Yoga.
  • 100 Hatha yoga. Asanas standing postures, backbends, forward bends, supine poses, prone poses, extensions, rotations, twists, inversions.
  • Transformational Hatha in Yoga, introduction to the chakras and how they are related to Yoga.
  • Therapeutic applications of Yoga.
  • Functional Anatomy from the healing perspective of Thai massage, Energy lines, introduction to the chakras, .
  • How to teach from the facilitators perspective, Clear and concise instructions, easy to understand. Acquiring self-confident, to teach.
  • Philosophy: Vedanta yamas and niyamas.

Certification and final exam:

A final exam will be mandatory, as well as a preparing a 20 minute class for the group. Although not mandatory for the final certification we recommend taking a course in functional Anatomy for Yoga.

About our certification process:

Certification process has an extra cost of 200 €, this is a life fee, that will make you a member of our organization and a recognized professional Yoga Teacher. This oficial certification is emitted by YOGA ALLIANCE OF INDIA AND THAILAND, you will officially be on our international list of Yoga of teachers, on both web sites, Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance Thailand.

Benefits of belonging to yoga Alliance Thailand:

Yoga Alliance Thailand is a very young organization, just starting this year, we belong to the main branch Yoga Alliance International of India, which is the only organization recognized by the indian government, and the only one related to an Indian Yoga University.

Our main mission representing the organization in Thailand is:

●      To promote, and expand YOGA, across Thailand uniting Yoga Teachers and Schools that work in Thailand.

●      Create a well founded network of teachers and schools that can collaborate and network, together.

●      Find and offer those services that are of importance for Yoga teachers and schools.

●      Create a cultural network, that can bridge Thai culture and Indian culture, related to Yoga and other healing methods.

●      Create a reference center in KohPhangan, from where we can service, support and expand the knowledge of Yoga in Thailand.

YAI is proud to partner with Annamalai University to offer certificate, foundation, and diploma programmes in YOGA across the globe.

A Typical daily Schedule will look like this:

Monday to Friday:

  • 7:00 Meditation.
  • 7:00 Yoga practice.
  • 9:30 Breakfast.
  • 10:30 Lecture and Debate.
  • 12:30 free time/ study time.
  • 13:00 Brunch
  • 14:30 Yoga Practice.
  • 16:30 Lecture and Debate.
  • 18:30 Sunset meditation.
  • 19:30 Dinner.


  • 7:00 Meditation.
  • 7:30 Yoga practice.
  • 9:30 Breakfast.
  • 10:30 Lecture and Debate.
  • 12:30 free time/ study time.

Saturday afternoon will be free time and Sunday will be the whole day free.


Robert Brown Director of Yoga Alliance Thailand



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